Japanese Convenience Store VERKER(DISTRIBUTION MAP)

Note:VERKER is Abbreviation for "Distribution-Map" in Germany, "Verbreitungs Karte".



In 2000, 7-eleven(7-11) had powers,Kantō(関東) and South Tōhoku(南東北),and Kyūshū(九州).
Lawson(ローソン) had powers Kansai(関西),Circle K(サークルK) had powers Chūkyō(中京).

Because, 7-eleven's Franchisee, "Itō-yōkadō"(イトーヨーカドー) has powers Kantō. 7-eleven likes dominant strategy,it has very many stores, Kantō and Kyūshū.But it hadn't advanced others. It entered Ōsaka(大阪), in 1991.Aichi(愛知),did in 2002.

However, other chainstores, advanced almost prefectures. Lawson entered all prefectures in 1997.Familymart did 36 prefectures of 47,in 2000(At the same time,7-eleven:27.).

Shikoku(四国) Island is lower trading areas than Hokkaidō(北海道), Kyūshū(九州) ,and Honshū(本州). But Shikoku was bridged for Island,by Seto-Bridge(瀬戸大橋) other 2 bridges in 1980s-1990s. Enter Sunkus, Circle-K, and Lawson.They has great powers in Shikoku.

In 2010, 5 brands are oligopolized Japanese-CVS. Going back from 2004, Circle-K and Sunkus merged. And the top 4 companies have further launched store openings, them oligopolized all prefectures, without Hokkaidō.

Hokkaidō's convenience store, Seicomart(セイコーマート) held 1st. Because, They fought in Hokkaido, where competition is more intense than in other prefectures. so that is rooted in Hokkaido's culture, and has brand power as Unique as other brands.

In 2019. 3 brands are oligopolized all prefectures without Hokkaidō.Going back from 2016, Circle K-Sunkus was bought by Familymart. and from 2015-2018. Mid-sized brands such as Three-F(スリーエフ),Poplar(ポプラ), Coco Store(ココストア), and Save-on(セーブオン) had been acquired,and partnered by major companies.Above all, competition in Kansai is fierce, and Lawson, which originated in Kansai and has been rooted in Kansai for a long time, lost power without Wakayama(和歌山).

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